Issue 263 “Police Industry Salon”: Happy Seventh Anniversary

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Issue 263 “Police Industry Salon”Counterterrorism, Criminal Investigation Equipment Supply and Demand Matching Meeting

  The 263 "Police Industry Salon" was successfully held in Chengdu. This professional salon, which is highly regarded in the industry, also ushered in its seventh birthday.Theme: Counterterrorism, Criminal Investigation Equipment Supply and Demand Matching Meeting



  On June 14, 2014, the first "Police Industry Salon", founded by Fei Yunjian, President of Beijing Herwei Yongtai Technology Co., Ltd. It was held in Beijing.Adhering to the tenet of "openness, freedom, sharing and win-win", the "Police Industry Salon" has become an important platform for industry communication and has effectively promoted the exchange and development of the industry.




  For the past seven years, the "police industry salon" has provided a platform for different enterprises to exchange ideas, to display different technical products, and to benefit everyone involved.Introduction, discussion, docking, each party is not only a salon industry, but also the occasion of friendship sublimation, as the founding companies and in yongtai convenient others at the same time, also rich himself, progress in exploration In innovation development, the brand construction, technological progress, management innovation and so on many aspects are gained fruitful results.