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Dual-Wavelength Laser Evidence Discovery Instrument


  • Product description
  • Application:
    ► Non-destructive inspection, can directly obtain the most original true information, and does no damage to bioactive substances (DNA).
    ► It has direct discovery function for sweat fingerprint, dust fingerprint, occult blood fingerprint and oily fingerprint, which is far superior to other light sources.
    ► Super strong detection ability for bioactive components, such as blood, occult blood, seminal stain, saliva, sweat, urine, hair, exudate cells, bone and tooth fragments, etc. It has stronger detection ability than conventional light source, high-power LED light source and monochromatic laser light source.
    ► High quality high power pure color laser light source, 95% uniformity, significant clarity and extremely fine observation are all beyond other non-laser light source. Humanized design for various discovery sites.
    ► The hidden information search can directly discover the hidden original real information for the processed object.

    Auxiliary functions:The device is equipped with voice prompt function, light prompt function and key protection device.
    Safety in use: To protect the operator from injury, the device has a light-emitting safety warning function.