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Fast Paper Fumigation and Display Equipment


  • Product description
  • Product Feature
    ► Without any chemical treatment, you can quickly develop the potential fingerprints on the paper.
    ► According to different types of paper, flexible development conditions, in order to obtain the best development effect.
    ► Special mesh loading platform, prevent cross infection, more safe for inspection materials.
    ► Unique safety protection device to ensure the safety of inspection materials.
    ► Can develop old fingerprint (up to one year), and after the development, will not weaken with the passage of time.
    ► After the development of the equipment, can continue to use ninhydrin, DFO or physical developer for treatment and development.
    ► High temperature protection function: the shell temperature is too high, automatic power off protection.
    ► Fumigation display process: put the inspection material into the equipment tray, adjust different temperature and time according to different inspection material, and press the operation button to start the work. After the fumigation display is completed, the tray will automatically push out the inspection material, and then observe and extract with relevant light source (such as laser light source).
    ► Using touch screen technology, can adjust different temperature and time for different paper, such as A4 paper, envelope, newspaper, note paper, napkin, unionpay and other paper on the hand print. At the same time, portable laser evidence discovery instrument can be equipped to quickly discover fingerprints.
    Technical Parameter