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Flexible Explosion-proof Barrel


  • Product description
  • Features
    ► “Super protection”-can eliminate the harms of shock wave and high-speed fragments of
    500g, 1kg, 1.5kg of TNT explosives with a safety distance of 3.5-4 meters.
    ► “Flexibility in texture”-no metallic materials: made by non-metallic flexible materials and
    ► “Flexibility in absorbency”-flexible absorbency: absorbing energy with no collateral damage
    under excessive explosions.
    ► “Flexibility in weight”-lightweight and portable: ≦65-100 kg, portable by single or two men.  
    It is equipped with a 4 or 5 wheel base designed to hold the basket securely in place.
    ► “Flexibility in handling”-easy to handle: hollow bottom with a non-contact cover for covering
    explosives and built-in net pocket for containing explosives.
    ► “Flexibility in light”-reducing shock wave and suppressing flame: reducing shock wave and
    suppressing flame, avoiding explosive fire, reducing psychological harm 

    1. Characteristic parameter:
    Total weight ≤65-100kg
    2. Explosion-proof ability:
    500g TNT or equivalent explosives with fragment (weight 202g, 98 pcs of diameter 8mm steel ball) 
    3. Safe distance: outside of 3.5 m, there’s no destruction fragment, the shock wave overpressure is no more than 0.03Mpa, no lethal debris can penetrate 25mm thickness of pine board, and the explosion flame is quickly suppressed.
    4. service life: ≥5 years
    5. Application: Airport, high-speed rail, subway, convention center, gymnasium, movie theater, exhibition hall, shopping mall, bank, school, hospital, playground and other places with relatively dense personnel. It can be used indoor and outdoor environment without requirement for indoor floor height.