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HWJXS-IV Telescopic Manipulator


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  • Description
    Telescopic manipulator is a kind of EOD device. It is comprised of the mechanical claw, mechanical arm, battery box, controller, etc. It can control the claw's open and close. 
    This device is used for all dangerous explosive articles disposal and suitable for public security, fire fighting and EOD departments. 
    It is designed to provide the operator with a 4.7 meters stand-off capability, thus significantly increasing operator survivability should a device detonate. 

    ►High grabbing capacity: it can grab about 20 kg objects.
    ►4.7 meters stand-off capability.
    ►Rechargeable battery.
    ►Battery box designed as counterweight.
    ►The mechanical claw can be operated electrically and rotated 360 degree electrically.
    ►The height of bracket is adjustable with universal wheels which can be locked.