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Walk Through Metal Detector


  • Product description
  • Features 
    ★ High-strength materials, fireproof, anti-corrosion, shockproof.
    ★ Self calibration once POWER ON.
    ★ Self diagnostic: it will inform the user when exiting the system.
    ★ Start-stop technology: infrared devices with automatic start-stop technology.
    ★ Adjust the alarm sounds arbitrarily.
    ★ Adjust the working frequency automatically or manually.
    ★ Detection Technology: Even detection technology, no blind spot.
    ★ Professional detection process: built in 60 different detection occasions (providing upgrade services).
    ★ Mobile connection technology: realize mobile APP remote control (optional)
    ★ Automatically recording number of people passed and alarming times.
    ★ Query function: The system has real-time information query function.
    ★ Intelligent Standby: The system has intelligent standby operation alert function.
    ★ Protection with password: can only allow the authorized person for the operations.