EOD Solution

Bomb Disposal Suit

This type of bomb suit is designed as a special clothing equipment especially for Public Security, Armed Police departments, for the personnel dressing to remove or dispose of small explosives. It provides higher level of protection to the personal currently, whilst it offers great comfort and flexibility to the operator.


HW-18 EOD Robot

EOD robot consists of mobile robot body and control system. 


Water Jet Exploder Disrupter

Water Jet Exploder Disrupter is an excellent EOD device used to destroy suspicious exploders. It uses hydraulic ram to destroy suspicious exploders. With triplex vibration isolating, disrupter will not normally move backwards or tumble when it's shooting. It can shoot the water and several kinds of projectiles. Disrupter is designed for simple structure, reliable performance, and easy operation. It has accurate dual laser aiming system, recoil-reducing system and various kind of cartridge.